Couponing is a great way to save money on everyday household items. You can get started with couponing by following these easy steps:

Learn about coupon types: Coupon inserts can be found in the Sunday newspaper. IP or internet printable coupons, are found online and can be printed from various websites. Mobile coupons are downloaded and used directly from a cellphone or tablet.

Inventory Check: Make a list of what you need and compare that list to what you already have in your home. Decide if you need to purchase more of an item or can wait for another sale cycle.

Compare sale prices: Check your favorite stores’ website for their weekly sales circular. Once you know where the best deals are, you can begin estimating your out of pocket cost.

Make a list: write down the name of each item, its price, and the value of the coupon you plan to use. This will help keep you on track and within your budget.

Keep your coupons organized; this is the easiest way to prevent waste.

Register for reward programs at your favorite store. By doing so you can unlock extra savings as well as member-only coupons.

Couponing is fun and efficient when you do a little planning before you shop!