While it’s best to have in-person visits with your doctor when possible, a telehealth visit can be a convenient option. Telehealth allows you to chat with a doctor by video (using an app like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom) or by phone from the comfort of your home.

To prepare for a telehealth visit and have the best experience, follow these tips:

• Be sure your scheduled appointment is with a network virtual visit doctor for the service you’re receiving.

• Check with your doctor beforehand to confirm the app to be used for your appointment.

• Fill out any forms from the doctor’s office in advance.

• Make sure to have the equipment you need for the visit—such as audio and video on your smartphone, tablet or computer, a fully charged device, and a stable internet connection.

• Choose a comfortable, quiet and private area for your visit.

• Set up your device so your face is clearly visible.

• Remove pets from the area, and turn off the TV.

• Be ready 15 minutes before your appointment start time.
Have these items handy in case you need them:

• Your health plan ID card
• Your medications or a list of them
• Your pharmacy name and address
• A list of questions to ask the doctor

When do I use telehealth? Telehealth visits are good for things like:

Bladder or urinary tract infections
Migraines or headaches Pinkeye
Seasonal flu
Sinus problems
Sore throat