Use the tips below to help make the most of your doctor visits.

Important topics to discuss with your doctor:

Getting Needed Care

  • Concerns with having the care, tests or treatments you need
  • Scheduling routine care appointments in advance
  • Learning where and how to get urgent care
  • Coordinating your care from other doctors or specialists
  • Any difficulties scheduling appointments with a specialist

Living Happy and Healthy

  • Ways to lower your risk of falling or get help with walking and balance
  • Issues with leaking of urine or urinary incontinence
  • Ideas for maintaining or increasing physical activity
  • Feeling sad or blue? Explore options for improving your mental health outlook

Prescription Drugs

  • If a three-month supply of your maintenance medications would be right for you
  • Questions about your prescriptions and any issues having them filled or with medication costs
  • Annual medication review
  • Any side effects you’re having with medications

Tests and Treatments

  • When you will have results from labs, X-rays or other tests