There are many things around us vying for our attention. Our phones are a big one. Being safe on the road is not just about seeing traffic signs, but also about focusing on the task at hand—driving.

What is distracted driving?

It’s when you do other things besides driving when you’re behind the wheel. It’s dangerous to use your phone, to text or even talk, while driving. Anything that takes your focus away from the road, even for 5 seconds, is distracted driving. As we age, our driving abilities may change, so it’s especially important to be alert in the driver’s seat and aware of what’s around us.

More tips for being safe on the road:

  • Make sure your car is in good working condition.
  • Pay attention to the speed limit. Driving too fast or too slow on a highway is dangerous.
  • Pay attention to stop lights, stop signs and other street signs.
  • Watch for pedestrians. •Always look both ways before driving over train tracks, and never stop on tracks.

Avoid These for a Safer Trip:

Talking on the phone


Adjusting the radio or GPS

Putting on makeup

Eating and drinking