An effective way to address hearing loss is with hearing aids. Your Peoples Health plan covers you for prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. But there are things to think about before you choose a device.

OTC hearing aids may be an option if you have mild to moderate hearing loss. These are hearing aids you get without an exam or a prescription from your doctor. But keep in mind, you would need to fit and adjust these yourself without the help of a hearing professional.

For more serious hearing loss, you’ll need an in-person exam and prescription hearing aids under the care of a hearing professional.

Understand these key things first:

Your degree of hearing loss. Take an online or in-person hearing test. An audiologist or hearing instrument specialist can help you figure out which hearing aid—including OTC options—may be best for your degree of hearing loss, preferences and budget.

The technology features you might want. Some hearing aids have features that help you hear soft sounds or reduce background distractions and keep loud noises at a comfortable level. Others offer Bluetooth compatibility to take phone calls or stream TV audio through the device.

Your plan’s coverage. Know how your plan covers hearing aids and whether you pay a copay amount or get a set credit amount to spend on devices.

Virtual care options available to you. With hearing test results, you may be able to order custom-programmed, prescription hearing aids and use virtual hearing care options for remote fitting and ongoing support.

Peoples Health plan members, get started! Take the online hearing test at
You only need a few minutes, and it can help tell whether you need an in-person test.