Exercise may help your heart be strong, improve your mood and keep your weight in a healthy range. But making regular exercise a priority can be easier said than done. Try these tips to start and stick with a plan.

Benefits of regular exercise

Control or reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Increase flexibility

Lower the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease

Prevent bone loss

Build muscle tone and strength

Increase energy levels

Set achievable goals that fit your life

  • Start small. It’s OK if you don’t have time for a 30-minute workout. Start with 5 minutes of exercise a day and work up to 10 or 15 minutes over time.
  • Find a buddy. Exercising with a friend, co-worker or neighbor can help you feel supported and stick to your goals.

Boost your metabolism

  • A workout that gets your heart pumping—like jogging, biking, speed walking and aerobic exercise—may burn the most calories per session.
  • Strength training may help you burn more calories as the day goes on.

Easy ways to fit exercise into your schedule

  • Do squats or leg stretches while you brush your teeth or dry your hair
  • Park farther away from the entrance to the grocery store or an appointment
  • Stand more throughout the day
  • Schedule walk breaks into your day
  • Work in the yard or play sports or physically active games

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