Often, people with vision problems wait too long before having an eye exam. Have an eye care professional check any changes in your vision. It’s the only way to identify serious problems, such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, at a stage early enough to treat.

The source of eye problems can be from damage to the eye itself, aging, medication or a condition such as diabetes. But some conditions, such as glaucoma, don’t cause symptoms before vision loss.

Common eye problems:

  • blurred vision
    loss of sharpness and ability to see small details
  • floaters
    small bits of protein drifting in the
    clear gel-like portion of the eye
  • halos
    bright circles around
    a source of light
  • blind spots
    dark “holes,” called scotomas
Schedule a routine vision exam every year. Additionally:

  • If you have diabetes, you should have a diabetic retinal exam every year.
  • If you’re at risk for glaucoma, you should have a glaucoma screening every year.

Talk to your doctor about the screenings

that are right for you.